David – Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

I love driving an EV. I'm on my second Fiat 500e and plan, after this lease is up, to drive another electric car. They aren't just quiet, clean and convenient they're super sporty, fast and handle great!

What most people don't realize about electric cars of any size (from my little Fiat to a big Tesla SUV) is that the electric engine delivers 100% of its torque as soon as you push the "gas" pedal. So, my 500e beats a Camaro off the mark at a traffic light. And more importantly it delivers that surge of power you need for highway on-ramps and passing.

The other thing about an electric car is that the batteries give it extra weight and extra heft. So, my little Fiat feels more secure and safe on the road than gas powered cars of similar size.

When you first drive an EV, most people experience "range anxiety" and worry about running out of charge. After a few months though you realize that its mostly an irrational fear. 100 miles on a full charge can take me back and forth a couple times to LAX or the West Side of LA from Glendale. And for my normal driving I can go four or five days without needing to charge.

In addition, the growing network of charging stations means it's easy to fill up while you're parked – at the mall, on some streets, for free at Whole Foods and at a lot of office garages. And charging is much cheaper than gas.

And since we have solar panels on our roof, our Fiat 500e is, most of the time, a solar powered car!