Facts and Guides

Learn more about clean technology cars and alternative fuels with these helpful websites, brochures, guides and fact sheets.


Clean Car Buyer Guides

A comprehensive listing of electric car models currently available in California, including incentives.

Consumer resource providing Green Scores rating the environmental friendliness of every vehicle on the market.

An information hub for plug-in electric vehicles.

News, education, market updates and buying guide for hybrid vehicles.

Information about charging, range, batteries, incentives and more explained in simple terms.

Practical, objective information to help consumers select the best plug-in vehicle for their lifestyle and needs.

Green Vehicle Guide (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
Greenhouse gas and air pollution scores for all cars on the market, based on a national rating scale

Fueleconomy.gov (U.S. Department of Energy/U.S. EPA)
Explore advanced cars and fuels and compare vehicles side-by-side.

DriveClean Incentives Search
Find rebates, discounts, tax breaks and other incentives in your area for clean technology vehicles.

Brochures and Facts

Electricity Publications (U.S. DOE)
Provides electricity-related publications, reports and newsletters.

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Handbook (U.S. DOE)
A plug-in electric vehicle handbook that answers basic questions and points readers to additional information to make the best vehicle selection.

California Fuel Cell Partnership Printed Materials
Learn about hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, hydrogen fueling and the adoption of hydrogen vehicles in California.

Driving Ethically: Understanding the sustainability of electric cars
Learn how electric vehicles impact the planet.  This is a document from the UK but has a lot of great information for the US audience

Clean Vehicle Perks and Incentives

Single-Occupant Carpool Lane Use (California Air Resources Board/Department of Motor Vehicles)
Explore eligible vehicles and learn about California’s program for solo access to carpool lanes for qualifying clean alternative fuel vehicles.

Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CARB)
View eligible vehicles and apply online for California’s clean vehicle rebate.

Federal Tax Credit (Internal Revenue Service)
Find federal tax credit amounts for qualifying electric-drive vehicles.

Consumer Assistance Program (Bureau of Automotive Repair)
Learn about BAR's vehicle repair assistance and vehicle retirement program where Californians can receive $1,000 for unwanted cars at any time for any reason.

Policies and Procedures

Bringing a Vehicle to California from Out of State (BAR)
Find out the requirements for bringing an out-of-state vehicle into California.

Report a Gross Polluting Vehicle (CARB)
Report a gross polluting vehicle through CARB's Complaint Program that conducts investigations of complaints statewide, monitors CARB's complaint hotline and informs local air pollution control districts of possible violations of pollution rules.

Things to Know About Smog Check (BAR)
Get answers to frequently asked questions about California's Smog Check program.

Requirements for Aftermarket, Performance and Add-on Parts (CARB)
Find out about California's requirements for vehicle manufacturers to develop engine and emission equipment systems that reduce the specific pollutants that cause California's severe air quality problem.

California’s Advanced Clean Cars Program (CARB)
Understand how California’s emission rules for cars and trucks will help clean the air, abate climate change and provide cars that save consumers money at the pump.

California Energy Commission - Transportation Fuels: Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol
Weekly report on transportation fuels trends.

California Local Air Districts (CARB)
Provides general information about air quality management districts throughout California.