For Dealers

While car shoppers go online and talk to friends about electric cars, dealers are often a car shopper’s main–and sometimes only–source of detailed information and education about specific electric cars. Here are some resources about incentives, vehicles and consumer tools available to assist dealers in their sales.


Clean Vehicle Rebate Project

Eligible vehicles, amounts & guidelines for California's Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP)

Resources, training materials & funding statistics can be found at the CVRP Dealer Hub

CVRP Implementation Manual for more specific program information


Carpool Lane Access

Eligible vehicles and application requirements


Federal Tax Credit

Amounts for electric vehicle models

Electric Car Overview

Electric cars 101 provides an overview of electric car types and fueling options

Electric car charging overview

Hydrogen refueling overview

Top Electric Car Sales Points

Through extensive surveying, the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project has gained insight into the motivations of electric car owners to develop these top selling points that can help boost sales.

Cost savings
Consumers want to save money on fuel costs, with 38% of respondents choosing this as their primary motivating factor. Emphasize that electric cars reduce fuel costs even though they will increase electricity use. Another area of savings is lower service and maintenance costs.

Reduce environmental impacts
Most people want to lessen their impact on the environment and help curb air emissions, with 22% of respondents choosing this as their motivation. Car shoppers’ interest in buying an electric car will increase if you confirm they are making a cleaner choice.

Carpool lane access
The Clean Air Vehicle Decal is the third greatest motivator for purchasing or leasing an electric car, the choice of 17% of respondents. Be sure to mention how this benefit allows carpool lane access for single-occupancy electric cars, thus bypassing traffic and decreasing their time on the road.