Janice – Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevy Bolt EV

I wanted to replace my 17-year-old gas powered car with an electric car because I am a firm believer in the negative impact gas and diesel cars have on global climate change. I am retired so the use of the HOV lanes was not the reason for the EV car. However, I do use the HOV lanes when traffic is heavy. I was waiting for an electric car that had more driving range and the Bolt provided that need. Since we are both retired, the CVRP rebate helped me justify purchasing the car.

My Bolt gets great mileage. A 240-volt charging station was installed in our garage to speed up charging time. I programmed the charging to occur when our electric rates are low, so it starts charging at midnight and is fully charged in the morning.

We love many of the Bolt’s features. We love the surround vision cameras when parking the car. All of the safety features are great, too, especially the side view mirrors’ blind spot warning, the following distance alert, the forward collision alert, and the pedestrian detection alert. My husband is amazed at how fast it goes!

The only problem I have is I no longer clean my windshield at a gas station, so my husband has been assigned that task. The only time I go to the gas station now is to get the Bolt washed.

I don’t have to deal with gasoline, oil changes, or smog checks. I love my Bolt.