Stephanie – Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

I bought my first Tesla Model S in 2013 and it changed the way I think about cars. With CA's $2,500 Clean Vehicle Rebate and without paying for gas, oil changes, timing belts, etc., the 8 year cost of ownership for a Model S sedan was slightly less than the cost of the Audi Q5 I had planned to buy, and the car does everything the Audi SUV can. Plus, the Tesla is easier to control with one-pedal driving than an internal combustion engine (ICE) car.

At home with a 110 or 220-volt wall plug, I wake up every day with a "full tank" for $120 less per month than my small commute in an ICE car. I can take road trips coast to coast (and have twice) with no fuel costs and easy-to-find and perfectly spaced fast charging. I use roof racks to transport my boats to workouts and vacations with ease. It is so fun to drive that I seldom use the "autopilot" features on my newer 2017 Model S, but they are a great help on long drives or in stop-and-go traffic.

I feel so virtuous driving without emissions, especially in my own garage where I am not adding exhaust to my house while backing in, and in the parking garage at work, where the parking attendants are exposed to exhaust all day. Happily, in CA the electricity I use is largely derived from green sources, but even in coal and oil country, EVs have less of a negative impact on the environment than gasoline. I will never buy another ICE car again – I love my EV that much!