ZEV Affordability

Income-based incentives make ZEVs more affordable

Zero-emission cars and trucks can be affordable for everyone, especially with the growing offering of incentives geared to serve low- to moderate-earning households. These are called “income-based" or “income-qualified” incentives and they bring down the upfront purchase cost of clean vehicles and charging equipment substantially, and even offer favorable auto loans. Plus, there are big savings year-after-year for every driver because zero-emission vehicles are typically cheaper to fuel and maintain.

“Income eligibility” is the criteria that determines who can qualify for income-based incentives. These criteria typically consider factors such as your household income and family size. Meeting income eligibility requirements means you can take advantage of generous incentives and receive the assistance you need to own a cleaner-running car or truck.

Access Clean California: Personalized Incentives

Access Clean California

Access Clean California is the state’s tool specifically created to provide lower-income individuals with assistance accessing clean transportation incentives. The Benefits Finder tool provides a more personalized estimate of incentives you may qualify for based on your household income, living situation and transportation needs.

There’s Assistance to Fit Every Mobility Need

Buying or leasing a new car
Income-based incentives can substantially bring down the price you pay to buy or lease a new cleaner-running car.

Buying a used car
You don’t have to buy new to get incentives. Programs are available for used clean vehicles as well.

Financing your car
Affordable financing programs provide favorable loan terms, even for those with lower credit scores.

Scrapping and replacing your car
Got an old car? Programs can help you scrap it and get significant incentives to replace it with a newer, cleaner one – or get a public transit voucher instead.

Charging your car
Charging incentives can pay for home chargers and installation. But not everyone has access to home charging, so programs also provide pre-paid charge cards for the rapidly expanding network of public charging.

Shared Transportation and Electric Bikes
Don’t want a car? Programs give prepaid vouchers for public transportation and car sharing, and discounts for electric bikes.

Search these incentives and more on the DriveClean.ca.gov Incentives Search, or get a personalized estimate of incentives through Access Clean California.

California is Going Zero. We’re Making Clean Mobility Easy for All.

California is committed to supporting the cleanest transportation while ensuring all communities benefit, especially low-income and pollution-burdened households.

Find out more about how California is Going Zero, and what communities are doing to become zero-emission vehicle ready.