Driver Reviews

Read personalized reviews from electric vehicle drivers throughout California. Find out what motivated them to go electric, what features they love about their cars and how easy it is to charge or fuel up and go.

Chevy Bolt EV

Mark – Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Bolt was everything I'd hoped it would be: I felt like a dog let off the leash. My wife and I drove it all over, including to the Getty Museum in LA which offers free charging. The incentives made life even better – we applied the $7,500 tax credit to our tax return, and received a $2,500 rebate check from California. Read more.

Nissan Leaf

Carrie – Nissan Leaf

Initially, I had some trepidation about switching to an all-electric vehicle. However, once I made the switch to all-electric, I found that for 95% of my driving, things were the same or better. I will never switch back. I love the smooth quiet operation, fast acceleration and great handling. Overall, I love my EV and what I’m doing for a sustainable future. Read more.

Kia Soul EV

Bill – Kia Soul EV

The required maintenance on an electric car engine is minimal – there are no spark plugs, oil/air filters, radiator, fuel injection or turbo. The mechanic told me they just rotate the tires and swap out my A/C filter. We’ve all grown accustomed to the high expense and inconvenience driving cars that explode noxious, flammable gasoline for power and spew out poisonous smoke. Sounds crazy saying it out loud. Read more.

Tesla Model S

Stephanie – Tesla Model S

I bought my first Tesla Model S in 2013 and it changed the way I think about cars. With CA's $2500 Clean Vehicle Rebate and without paying for gas, oil changes, timing belts, etc., the 8 year cost of ownership for a Model S sedan was slightly less than the cost of the Audi Q5 I had planned to buy, and the car does everything the Audi SUV can. Read more.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Tim – Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

In 2017, I needed a new car, so I went to a Honda Clarity promotional event in Sacramento thinking "plug-in hybrid." I left thinking "fuel cell car." A few months later, I leased a Clarity fuel cell for three years, and I have not regretted the decision. I am very impressed with many of the advanced features and performance of the fuel cell technology. Read more.

Chevy Bolt EV

Janice – Chevrolet Bolt EV

My Bolt gets great mileage. A 240-volt charging station was installed in our garage to speed up charging time. I programmed the charging to occur when our electric rates are low, so it starts charging at midnight and is fully charged in the morning. I don’t have to deal with gasoline, oil changes, or smog checks. I love my Bolt. Read more.

Fiat 500e

David – Fiat 500e

What most people don't realize about electric cars of any size (from my little Fiat to a big Tesla SUV) is that the electric engine delivers 100% of its torque as soon as you push the "gas" pedal. So, my 500e beats a Camaro off the mark at a traffic light. And more importantly it delivers that surge of power you need for highway on-ramps and passing. Read more.

Toyota Prius Prime

Elisa – Toyota Prius Prime

My first reason for buying an EV was to do the right thing for the environment by reducing my carbon footprint. Once I started driving in electric mode, I found that I like it a lot better than a gasoline engine. The immediate torque starting from a stop is a great feeling, and the tech features of my Prius Prime make driving fun. Read more.

Volkswagen eGolf

John – Volkswagen eGolf

I had always been a little EV crazy. My house has had solar panels for a decade. We installed a level 2 charger in the garage for my wife’s Plug-in Prius. I had test-driven Leafs, i3s, Hondas, Teslas and Bolts. I had talked the talk. Now the plaintive E-Golf was making its siren call. I went for it. After a test ride, I signed the papers and picked up the E-Golf the next day. Read more.

Chevy Volt

Kris – Chevrolet Volt

I love my Chevy Volt and the fact that it runs on both electricity and gasoline and has the highest electric mile range of the plug-in hybrids makes it particularly attractive, at least until the range of an electric vehicle increases. Most of my driving is done within the Volt’s range of about 50 miles. I drive around town, then charge the car, so much of the time I have a full 50-mile range. Read more.

Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt EV

Michael – Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt EV

I really enjoy driving my Chevy Bolt and thanks to the federal tax credit and CVRP rebate, plus an additional rebate from SDG&E, the Bolt costs about $165 a month plus insurance. The thing is there is virtually no maintenance on an electric car and so the cost of ownership is very low. What I am trying to say is an EV is a quadruple win. Read more.